Healing Patterns from Early Childhood

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These workshops offer an opportunity to explore how our earliest experiences shaped us and how we can bring healing to the subsequent deep rooted patterns relating to our earliest experiences of life.

These weekends offer invaluable learning, experience and tools for parents, educatos, health care professionals, midwives, teachers, caregivers, therapists and natural health practitioners. Many professionals find these weekends of invaluable in terms of gaining a better understanding of themselves and those they work with.

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If you can manage your feelings, you can manage your life: As much as it may feel that our problems lie in those hard feelings that arise during life's biggest challenges, yet the problems tend to be more related to our difficulty in dealing with those feelings. When a person can have an deeper understanding of the big feelings that arise within them and calm stay in a positive relationship with themselves even though they may be very upset and out of balance, this allows the process of healing to evolve much smoother and faster.

Healing the imprints of our Early Childhood releases the old stuck patterns that otherwise tend to trip us up again and again in our relationships with ourselves and others. Those who undertake this very healing journey often liken their experience to sobering up. The veils of confusion and denial begin to lift and the world takes on a new level of vitality as their confidence and energy levels rise. This work brings participants in to a positive supportive relationship with their inner emotional world. This work supports individuals to better understand, relate to and help others. It gives parents and teachers a much greater understanding of children's feelings and needs and how to best help them.

Getting to know your own life scripts: On these weekends, participants learn that patterns created at the beginning of their life; during conception, in utero, during birth and in those early days and years creates the patterns that literally become their life script. These patterns replay continuously throughout our lives and identifying these patterns is extremely liberating and empowering. Bringing to our conscious awareness these initial imprints holds the key to unlocking those stuck places within us and allows us to re-write our scipt to the version that better works for us.

Compassion for others: This level of self exploration also opens our eyes to so much of the pain that our fellow humans carry within them. Deepening our understanding of other people's perspective naturally leads us to feeling more empathy and compassion for others, naturally leading to healthier patterns of relating to others, especially ones own children and other family members.

Through the eyes of a child: When we can look at the world through the eyes of the child that we were, we gain insights about what children really need. Regain the awe and wonder, the freshness and enthusiasm, the sensitivity and softness and the raw passion, power and instincts of the primal self.

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Genevieve: "When I was pregnant with my first child, one of the books that made a huge impact on me, both as a counsellor and healer, but also deepened my understanding of the needs of my unborn baby was the famous book by Thomas Verny, M.D. with John Kelly "the Secret Life of the Unborn Child". The book is an amazing collection of both scientific research relating to the baby in utero as well as recalled memories of people during hypnosis and regression. For an excerpt from the book, click here. "

Regression therapy: Over the years, Genevieve has taken hundreds of clients on regressions back to re-membering their experiences of conception, time in utero and birth. Participant's recovered memories inevitably have quite a profound effect upon them and their understanding of the imprints that created their view of themselves and their world.

On the weekend, you will open up the world of the child that you were, to gain wisdom and clarity. Even for those who can't remember their childhood, or carry painful wounds, the desire to be free, to have fun, to laugh and play, the awe and wonder of life is locked inside you and can be opened up to bring freshness, passion and tons of energy back into your life.

What others have said about these weekends:

“When I went on your weekend Genevieve, I didn’t expect to be able to remember anything from my childhood.  I’d never done anything like that before.  But, I was amazed at how deeply I relaxed during the meditations and how easily memories from my childhood seemed to just appear and how familiar those memories were for me. It was so liberating to put together the inhibitions and hurts I’ve carried all through my life with specific memories.  I feel like I’ve finally grown up and moved on in a way that I’ve never achieved before.”  Jean Kennedy, Dublin, Ireland ‘95

“During the regression back to my birth, I seemed to know and feel all of my mother’s thoughts and feelings.  I realized that my mother was scared of giving birth and scared of being a mother.  She felt overwhelmed and unsupported.  I can see now that my lifelong patterns of feeling that I’m on my own, that nobody can help me stem back to my birth.  Since the weekend, my husband has been so supportive and seems relieved that I’m finally letting down my defenses and learning that it’s ok to let him in and let him take care of me at times.  Now I know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but an important part of being in a healthy relationship.”  Margaret Curtis, Clare, Ireland 1998

“Now I finally understand why I’ve never been able to say no.  I feel so liberated.  Although it’s still a bit hard, I’m finally able to express my thoughts and feelings to other people.  It feels as if I’ve been invisible all my life and that even though I was born 45 years ago, I can only now fully engage in life.  I finally feel like I know who I am and understand why I’ve always been scared of standing up for myself.  Thank you so much for opening my eyes!”  Annette Barnes, Cornwall, England ‘99

For parents and teachers

Becoming aware of our early childhood imprints and bringing healing to them gives us so much more essential information to work with in our dealings with our children, the children we teach, care for and generally children we come into contact with in our lives. Healing our relationship with the children in our world truly can heal broken hearts and soften hardened hearts.

To parent, teach or be with children in a way that truly honors the child's soul and is a positive and reparative experience for both, we need to connect back emotionally and energetically with how we, as children, viewed and experienced the world. The deepest way to truly understand the needs of a child is through reconnecting with our own childhood.

Liberating the child that lives within gives you a deeper understanding of the world of the child. When we can perceive the world through the eyes of the child that we were, we automatically gain insights around children's deeper needs. Regain the awe and wonder, the freshness and enthusiasm, the delicate sensitivity and softness and the raw passion, power and instincts of the child self.

For Midwives and Teachers

As parents, caregivers, midwives and teachers, becoming aware of those initial patterns created around our time of coming into the world invariably sheds insights onto the whole process of giving birth. For parents and midwives who embark on the healing of their own conception, birth and early childhood, this leads them to a deeper understanding of their own internal process around birthing or helping to birth babies. I have witnessed again and again, that when parent's heal their traumas and hurts around giving birth to their child/ren, brings about "miraculously" positive changes to their child, as well as the relationship between them.

Giving our kids the patience and kindness that they need and deserve is only possible when we put equal focus on learning to become kinder and more patient with ourselves.

I have experienced in relation to my own childhood traumas, and witnessed with hundreds of clients over the years, that as we reach a certain point on the healing journey, not only do the painful memories loose their charge, but more and more joyful feelings and memories from childhood surface. We literally regain the essence of who we truly are and our soul's gifts and highest potential. It's never too late to have a happy childhood!!

Genevieve's residential weekends facilitate the participant's journey to gently let go of the grasp of the mind and bring life, awareness and awakening back to their body consciousness, their breath and the energies of the body. Truly becoming present to the energies within the body brings a person deeply back into touch with their true feelings, their needs and their heart's longing.

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