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Genevieve is based in Whangarei, New Zealand, and also offers parent coaching sessions by phone or skype.

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Holistic Counselling

Counselling is a process that helps people to better understand and heal themselves, their life experiences, their responses and actions while increasing awareness of their inner world and it's influence over relationships, both past and present.  Safe, empathetic listening can be very healing in both allowing and supporting the client's process of looking deep within to better understand and come to peace with themselves.

Developing healthier strategies to meet your needs. Counselling looks at the whole human being and the many complex factors that have contributed to making each person unique. It is a learning process of discovery and helps the client to understand and make more sense of what is happening in their life and provides the mechanisms for clients to better identify, honour and develop healthier strategies for meeting their emotional needs.

Counselling facilitates a person process of listening to their own deeper wisdom. Counselling empowers the client to better personal understanding, to make clearer choices and to achieve a more lasting independence as well as a healthier ability to inter-relatedness.   It is a process which, through active listening and other processes that facilitate exploration of feelings and beliefs, facilitates a journey of self-discovery, revealing insights and great self awareness by which people may empower themselves. Genevieve supports clients to connect in with their body sensations, helping clients gain a higher awareness of where in their body their hold certain emotions and how defense mechanisms are held and need to be healed within the sensations of the body.

When clients increase their access to and awareness of feelings in their body that become activated by stressful situations, they can re-parent the feelings of the child that they were. Unmet emotional needs from childhood can be met by self and others in adulthood, bringing resolution to compulsions, addictions and the effects of trauma.

Access the benefits of meditation in all aspects of your life: Genevieve also guides clients, who seek it, to develop skills in relaxation, self-regulation, mindfullness and meditation that they can access at stressful moments in their day to day life.
The fundamental values of counselling include commitments to:

Holistic Counselling helps the client holistically. There is a sense of sacred space created and an honouring of the client's individual journey to integrate their physicaly, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of self. The service that Genevieve offers aims to support clients feel empathically heard and witnessed as they share their individual stories and challenges. Clients are also supported to become aware of where they hold their feelings in their body.

Healing the core wounds. The client is given the space, permission and guidance to travel deeper into the core feelings related to the issues that the client is currently facing.  When appropriate, the client is guided through meditation to re-visit points in the past and then guided and supported to bring healing and possibly closure to the associated wounds, hence releasing the locked pain from the body. 

People are wounded and are whole. In Holistic Counselling, the counsellor maintains a sense of the client's wholeness, and both honors and respect's each person's vulnerability and wounds and at the same time holding that the person is more than their hurts. Humans have amazing potential to overcome even the biggest traumas when they can access the help and support that they need. Genevieve believes that all people have a limitless ability to heal themselves. The counsellor honors that every individual needs to overall feel safe, liked, cared for, deeply heard and supported before they can safely open their deeper wounds.

Listening heals. The healing power of a person sharing their story is immense.  When a client’s challenges and related feelings are shared in a space that is truly empathetic, spacious, honoring and sacred, true transformation can take place.

Genevieve is also a trained Energy Healer and is a Healer Trainer. She has trained in several modalities, adding up to 6 years of training in total. Email to find out more about this service.

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