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Through the Peaceful Parent Institute Genevieve Simperingham offers seminars, courses, teleseminars and parent coaching for parents and professional development for teachers

- teaching cutting edge relationship and conflict resolution skills that replace all forms of punishment and coercion

- your family will benefit endlessly from learning and integrating this new and healthy model! Learn the skills you need to walk the path of the peaceful parent and teacher

Active listening skills that increase trust and cooperation
Raise your child to be an effective problem solver
Aggression and defiance - relate to the feelings and unmet needs that drive the behaviour.
Set clear limits assertively but non-aggressively
Why a democratic approach works better than authoritarian or
permissive approaches
Help your child resolve their fears, shyness and anxieties
Support them to resist peer pressure
Fostering a low stress environment to reduce hyperactivity
Effective alternatives to punishment, threats or bribes
How to talk so kids will listen

"Amazing!! I was hanging on every word at the workshop. I found the concepts that Genevieve was explaining to be both amazing and so obvious and simple at the same time. I think every parent needs the opportunity to learn peaceful parenting techniques. The effects in my family have been incredible. Every time I feel like getting annoyed at my kids, I remember Genevieve's words and it helps me remember that they need my warmth and guidance, not my anger. I'm loving this new way of listening to my children and how it consistently brings out the best in them and empowers them to find creative solutions to their problems." Sandra, Auckland, NZ

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The Parenting Journey

Parenting is an incredibly rich, deep and rewarding journey. It is a journey that opens the heart in new ways, a journey that's ever changing, a journey of growth and discovery. Just as the pregnant mum's belly begins to stretch and grow, a parent's emotions, self image and self understanding begin to stretch and grow right from the beginning and most parents find that this journey of growth never really ends.

Parenting is easy when we're attuned to our child

Most parents think and hope from the beginning that their love and dedication to their child will lead and guide them through each step of the journey and to a large extent that is true. When our heart is open and we are attuned (in tune) with our child, incredible wisdom comes forth effortlessly and we marvel in the joys of giving our child what it is that they need to thrive.

The challenges of parenting

However, the challenges of parenting, which are immense, also can bring forward huge feelings of frustration, self doubt and confusion. The responsibility of this precious little person's life being in your hands and the pressure to get it right can weigh heavily on parents and bring up many worries and fears, doubts and unanswered questions. The demands of needing to give so much of our time, energy, focus and head space to our child when there are also so many other places we need and want to focus our attention can cause parents to feel incredibly torn and stressed.

Accessing heart centred information and support

If you are interested in gaining more information and support in the journey of identifying and healing some of the stronger and more difficult emotions that the extremely challenging job of parenting can bring up for you, you've come to the right place. We understand that the journey of becoming the best parent that you can be and want to be and the journey of personal development cannot be separated.

How can parents meet their own emotional needs?

For most parents, they just don't get enough emotional support along the way and yet can often feel like they're expected to perform at their best at all times despite their frustrations, restrictions, hurts and confusion. The approaches that we put forward on this site and through our courses, phone coaching and other resources are for parents who want to heal themselves, heal their child and heal their family. It's for parents who are looking deeper and further than just clever techniques to get their child to comply. It's for parents who want the systems in their family to be based on genuine respect and understanding from each member towards each other member of the family. If you're on the road to learning more about parenting, gaining new perspectives, learning good quality parenting tips and exploring attachment parenting, you've come to the right place. If you're interested in learning or developing parenting techniques that are based on positive communication skills, respect for your child's feelings and boundaries and generally parenting approaches that foster peace, trust, harmony and mutual co-operation in your family, again, you've come to the right place.

Read more about the Peaceful Parenting Key Principles.

"When I was at the seminar, I have to admit that I was doubtful that these techniques could bring positive results with my five year old son, but I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he calms down and actually starts to listen to me when he can see that I'm really listening to him and I can see how much more confident he becomes when he sees that I'm really there to help him and support him. I've seen him as such a little fighter, but now I can see that he's just been trying to show me that he needs to see and feel my support and belief in him." Annie, Whangarei, NZ.

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