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Personal Development for Parents

Treat yourself to a weekend of deep relaxation, time in nature, delicious wholesome vegetarian food and lots of special moments with a group of open minded, open hearted people, all focused on learning to be more kind and patient with themselves. This weekend retreat, as well as being a luxurious weekend away from the stresses of life in a beautiful homely retreat centre, will also no doubt be a life changing experience.

Everybody, deep inside wishes they could reach their full potential, shake off their fears, limiting beliefs and inhibitions and step into the feelings of confidence and empowerment that can only come from deeply knowing yourself. This weekend will take you on a powerful healing journey within yourself to access more of your inner clarity and inner vision. The workshop is an opportunity to release old hurts and limiting beliefs and to experience profound healing, peace and joy.

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Through the creation of an emotionally safe, non-judgemental, open hearted and inspiring environment, participants gain the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, with their true feelings, dreams and needs. It's an opportunity to connect with your passion to reach your full potential. When people connect with their passion to be all that they can be, this passion serves to ignite the strength and confidence needed to burn through whatever obstacles and restrictions that currently hold them back. Once your fire is burning, the sky's the limit! There is no shortage of fun, laughter and friendship on these weekends. Participants generally find it a huge relief to be in an environment where they can be real and share from their heart. They experience feeling held and supported in a spacious heart space.

The weekend will be a healing journey of stress release, inspiration and transformation. It offers the opportunity to pass through a gateway to a higher, lighter and more empowered state of mind and heart. The workshop will be experiential and very personal to each individual.

Participants will be guided to deeply connect with their energies and aspects of self in a way that's deeply healing. One of the focuses on the weekend will be on balancing the internal masculine and feminine aspects of self.

"My self belief has been enforced a little more, my sense of how to connect to myself is strengthened, and I have learnt again how important my reconnection to nature is and how to honour that. The workshop was far greater than I imagined…lots of confirmations… lots of amazing experiences… lots of emotional release."
Helena Kwoksun April '06

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