Services offered by Peaceful Parent

Genevieve is based in Whangarei, New Zealand and offers parent coaching sessions in person, by phone or through skype.

In addition to our courses and seminars, Genevieve offers parent coaching and holistic counselling (separate or combined) to parents, therapists, teachers and health care practitioners wishing to adopt the peaceful parenting approaches taught through the courses. Genevieve also offers private holistic counselling sessions.

Parent Coaching

Coaching is offered to those who would benefit from Genevieve's one on one consultations and advice in relation to their parenting challenges. Coaching provides an opportunity for parents to get down to the finer details of developing strategies that can be applied to the tricky and often confusing challenges that arise in relation to your child's behaviour and your reactions to that behaviour.

The application of the strategies and skills that Genevieve shares offer a great opportunity to bring positive change, not just to the parent child relationship, but can also have a knock on positive effect on the whole family system. People who access this service generally find it to be educational, empowering, relieving, supportive and overall a healing and uplifting experience.

Coaching costs between NZ$70 and $90 per hour (sliding scale based on person's means) or between US$65 and US$85 (based on means) or AUS$70 to $90 p.h. (based on means). Payment can be arranged through internet banking, cheque or PayPal. Email or ring to make an appointment.

Coaching by phone or Skype

Phone sessions are offered to people who live overseas. Peaceful Parent will pay for the price of phone calls to England, Australia, Ireland, USA and Canada when the price of the coaching session is more than NZ$35. To get started, just send an email with your phone number and we will arrange a time. If you live in a different country, please enquire with us about whether or not you are eligible to free calls depending on your country and also about the charge to your country.

Phone/ Skype consultations for groups

If you'd love to share some of the peaceful parenting concepts and strategies with a group of friends, or perhaps a parent's group that you belong to, you could talk to me about arranging a date and time for me to talk with and answer questions for your group. We can either set up a call where each person rings in from their home, through skype at each person's pc, in which case each person who has a camera will be seen on the screen or you can come together for a skype session at one person's home.

For 2 parents: I charge NZ$80, AUS$80 or US$80 per hour when working with two parents (from different families as opposed to a couple) working out to be $40 each (in whichever of the 3 currencies).
For groups of 3 to 10 people: $30 each for a group of up to 10.

Answering questions by Email

You can send me, Genevieve, an email with your particular question seeking advice in relation to the problem you are experiencing between yourself and your child. The fee is NZ$35 (or the equivalent in your currency, approx. US$30), for a half hour of my time in answering or NZ$70 if you'd like me to take an hour to answer. An invoice can be send and you can pay through PayPal or directly into my bank account if you live in New Zealand.

Step 1: Send your email with up to three questions.
Step 2: We will send you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay with your Credit Card or your existing PayPal account if you'd prefer to do an internet transfer (if you live in New Zealand) email to get the bank account number..
Step 3: You receive a response to your question within three days.

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