Leadership camps for Youth

group teenagersGuiding  youth  to  their  Leadership  Potential.

We provide specialist leadership training for senior secondary school students.
Often we hear schools say that they do not fully equip their students with the necessary skills & knowledge to take on & perform the leadership roles within the school. So we meet that need by providing residential camps on the Tutukaka coast (Whangarei), designed to equip the students with the self belief & self confidence to be strong individual the boysleaders, and the skills to be effective team players.
We support these camps with in-school visits & follow up workshops.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water… Our leadership training is designed to teach and reach the whole self. It gives each person room and space to experience themselves in all these realms. 
They get to push themselves physically; To challenge themselves mentally and to learn ‘mindfully’; To connect with themselves and others emotionally and to talk from the heart. This enables a revitalised sense of them selves to emerge. Their potential and their passion for what it is in life that they feel drawn to do is ignited, and they can’t help but want to stand up and go for it, and in doing so they become fantastic leaders, engaging others into their dreams.

“The program from Dino & Dan opened up the students to their possibilities & potential” Teacher

We use a blend of ancient wisdom, challenging outdoor adventure activities, risk and powerful  inner reflection. All the while guided & facilitated in a respectful manner.

What the students get is a very personal experience, however here is a taster of what we aim to provide as some of the outcomes:

the campfire teenage camps 

¨ Active listening skills ¨ Self leadership qualities ¨ Finding their voice
¨ Permission to “stand up” & be seen as confident & competent ¨ Greater team awareness & functionality ¨ Centering - ability to remain present & focused
¨ Practice leading their peers ¨ Self & peer feedback ¨ Emotional confidence
¨ Building comradery ¨ Acknowledgement of
      character & strengths
¨ Conflict resolution skills

“Wow, what can I say. My son came home a different person, he has gained the confidence to speak what is on his mind. A big thanks to you both” Jeff Griggs ~ Parent

Dean AlpinDean Aplin (Dino to most) is a qualified and very experienced outdoor instructor. For over 10 years he has been involved with youth development programs, taking teenagers into the natural world to challenge themselves. He finds his strengths are in leadership training & outdoor risk management. He left the Sir Edmund Hillary OPC as a senior Instructor to begin a new life in the north, and enjoys every moment of it. Dino's website.

leadership campDan Simperingham brings to the leadership training his wealth of experience in the personal growth field. He has counselling, psychotherapy and psycho synthesis training, and has over 10 years of experience facilitating a variety of groups with both adults and youth.  He worked for several years in a residential psychotherapy program for adults. He enjoys the dynamics of working with teenagers!

 I learnt so much about everybody, which helped me to understand myself more. I have become more aware of who I am & what I value in myself.”

Pania—Yr12 student “I enjoyed the new friendships, activities & closeness. It enabled me to realize what’s important to me”

Yr 12 student

“This camp was a great experience & is valuable for learning. We got the chances to make our own choices.” Cheyenne - Yr12 student

“I feel more confident in myself & my self belief “
Yr12 student

“I was really inspired to step up and become a leader for others.” Yr12 Student

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